About VINCOVI – An IT Service Based Company

Our mission is to provide exceptional service while delivering innovative and efficient technology solutions that improve our client’s performance.
We achieve this by surrounding ourselves with a talented, driven, and accountable team of IT professionals.

We Offer Quality Service

VINCOVI is an IT service company that offers quality and responsive IT solutions in Calgary, Kelowna, Airdrie, Three Hills, and Western Canada. Our unique model gives our customers a fast response to technical problems with professional and reliable customer support.

We are committed to ensuring that our customers don’t struggle with technology issues. Our goal is to help you enable your business, mitigate cyber threats, boost productivity, and increase revenues.

VINCOVI has over 75+ combined years of enterprise experience that we provide to our clients. During our existence, we have worked with various industries and companies from different parts of the world. It is through these interactions that our IT Specialists have provided technical solutions to our various industry customers.

Our Guarantee

Excellent Customer Service 100%
Ultra Fast Response Times 100%
Highly Skilled Staff 100%

We Offer Custom IT Solutions

We strive to tailor IT solutions that meet your business needs. Our IT services team works together with your team to understand the challenges you face in your business. We also strive to establish your objectives and provide cost-effective, practical, and flexible solutions.

The VINCOVI team prides itself on offering excellent service that improves your business operations and increases productivity. Our team walks with you both on the strategic and technical areas to fill any gaps and ensure you benefit from your technology-related investments.

We operate a proven IT service model that delivers responsive and quick results to our target customers. Our IT professional services are of high quality, while the VINCOVI team is skilled and fluent with a wide range of IT solutions for different types of businesses.

We operate
Round the Clock

VINCOVI understands that IT-related issues can arise at any time of the day. That is why we have a dedicated IT support team and operations center that is available around the clock. Whether you are experiencing a system outage, looking for expert advice or want to expand your in-house team for a large project, you can reach out to us 24/7/365
by calling 403-924-4357.

We Offer a Range of IT Services

We have customer service plans that range from fixed price to IT projects. Our rates are competitively priced, depending on the services you are looking for. Regardless of your needs, the VINCOVI team is ready to assist you accordingly. We ensure that our team has the right expertise to guarantee success.

We make sure you receive an objective and honest approach to any technical challenges that you may face. VINCOVI prides itself on working with international and national clients, offering various services such as network design and strategic direction.

We specialize in various IT services areas, which include:

  • Infrastructure design
  • Desktop support
  • Cloud IT services
  • Strategic technology consulting
  • Ransomware removal support
  • Backup and recovery in cloud computing
  • Business process improvement
  • IT Solutions

We Work Together as a Big Team

We understand how important working together as a team is for business success. From the founders, leadership group to the departmental managers and junior staff, we all work together to give our customers a great experience. Our approach to service delivery has helped us win various accolades over the years.

Client Testimonial

"A fantastic tech business serving small-town Alberta! Sure, they're not like the big guys in the city but the customer service you receive and their willingness to help is hard to beat! They also carry a good variety of quality products that are current with the latest technologies. Defiantly worth checking out for your technology needs. Support local businesses!"
VINCOVI Testimonial
Philemon Lee
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