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VINCOVI has been providing IT Solutions in the Kelowna market since 2014. We have earned our client’s trust through providing IT Solutions that work and add value to their companies. With our comprehensive service approach, we make the complex simple. Think of VINCOVI as an extension of your team – your own off-site IT department. We take on the tasks surrounding technology and deliver a secure, high-performance network with maximum uptime. With our industry-recognized maintenance plans, we proactively find and defuse potential issues.

What can you expect from VINCOVI as your Kelowna Business IT Solutions Company?

As an IT Services Company, VINCOVI offers you qualified IT specialists who form the organization’s core IT support team. Our team of IT technicians will provide your organization with professional management and guidance for a range of IT technology needs within the Kelowna area.

VINCOVI’s  IT specialists understand business technology requirements including cloud platforms, computer systems, device networking, electronic hardware, and software applications. Every member of the VINCOVI IT team comes with unique, relevant expertise and skills ready to assist with any technical issues you may face/be facing in the future and provide you with accurate and reliable solutions.

Our IT consulting team offers you a wide range of IT support services that meet your business demands. VINCOVI compliments our client’s solutions with technicians on call 24/7/365 offers responsive support through email and phone for any problems you may face. 

The VINCOVI Proactive Model


VINCOVI is built on three core philosophies:

The Preventive Plans

VINCOVI believes in removing the risk of issues through proactive monitoring and patching. Our clients experience lower reactive IT issues due to their systems being current and in optimal health.

Our EssentialCARE packages enable our clients to have confidence in knowing their technology investment is consistently and professionally managed. All areas of the technology landscape are covered. They include the workstation/laptop, infrastructure, network, security and data backups.

VINCOVI experienced

Responsive Strategy

Should your company experience a server or network failure, VINCOVI receives an instant alert to notify them of the problem. VINCOVI will then evaluate and resolve it as fast as possible and reduce downtime.

Doing so ensures that your business doesn’t suffer in the event of an IT issue.

VINCOVI will respond quickly and professionally to your organization when you need immediate responsiveness for IT issues in the Kelowna area. Once a call, email, or ticket is submitted, the VINCOVI ticketing system ensures there is visibility and tracking to resolve the issue and introduce measures to stop the issue from happening again.

VINCOVI has a team of technicians and a vehicle fleet to come to your site and assist.

VINCOVI IT Solutions

Managed IT Services

VINCOVI offers EssentialCARE packages for our clients to achieve optimal technology health. We have found that enrolled clients have reduced IT issues, which translates to higher productivity in their staff. Schedule a meeting or give us a call to discuss the detail behind the EssentialCARE packages.

IT Security

Our EssentialCARE Workstation plan includes advanced EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) software that protects your devices from ransomware to botnets and everything in between. VINCOVI also offers recurring penetration testing, cyber security traning, and forward guidance with risks identified.  We are also provide Security as a Service to enterprise organizations where outsourcing security 24x7x365 is affordable.

Work from Anywhere

VINCOVI empowers your staff and company with Business mobility allowing your staff to securely connect to company data and critical applications through the Internet. By enabling remote work technology you can enhance productivity and optimize business processes saving you valuable time and money. VINCOVI positions clients to leverage their devices to be able to work now | anywhere | on anything.

Cloud Services

Many businesses today leverage cloud-based applications and host their sensitive data on the cloud. Our IT solutions help you manage your cloud services by setting up and managing the cloud infrastructure. Our cloud IT services experts will help you configure cloud-hosted data and applications and help you mitigate unnecessary issues. Our solution services team also secures your Cloud Systems from Cyber Threats. Our Cloud Solutions are designed to give you peace of mind and stability so that you can focus on your business.

Contact the VINCOVI IT Solutions Team

As a professional IT Solutions company, with over 100+ combined years of IT Solution experience, our highly skilled IT Solutions team is dedicated to providing you with the right expert at the right price.